Why splæsh might be the thing for you

If you head the marketing for a brand, chances are, everyone’s telling you to make videos. The statement is followed by helpful tips like;

  • You can make them yourself, you know
  • But maybe you should hire external help
  • And it needs to be search engine optimized
  • But remember, you can’t SEO yourself to good content
  • The videos need to be customer centric
  • But by all means don’t forget your business goals

We imagine you’re scratching your head and asking a lot of questions. Who wouldn’t? Our aim is to help you tackle this challenge. Cut through the confusion. 

Splæsh was created to help you, not only with video production, but also with your video strategy, video storytelling and video distribution. Basically, the whole video marketing package!

Think of us as a part of your team, for the time you’ll have us. Maybe that means workshopping your strategy or distribution plan? Maybe it means making videos for you, or teaching you how to make them yourself? Tailor make your own package.

The "why" is really up to you.

Why splæsh definitely was the thing for us

Simple. It was time for something new. We may have been making corporate videos since 1984, but it’s not 1984 anymore. As Bob said, «the times they are a-changin.» So must we. 

 Today anyone can create a video

  • Cameras are cheaper, lighter, easier to operate. Hell, they’re your phone
  • You can «how-to» yourself on Youtube until you’re a pro
  • You press play on your laptop, your phone, your pad.
  • Ta-da: you’re watching a video anywhere, anytime

We don’t have to explain that video is effective communication. Video is the biggest traffic driver online! In result, corporate video has become bread and butter. Well, it’s always been that for us, but now it’s rapidly becoming the staple marketing material of any company. 

Does that mean that we should all ble slicing bread twenty miles a minute? Of course not. That would be an enormous waste of time and money, and an even more enormous pile of bad content. It’s not about how much bread, it's about: 

  • What kind
  • To which people 
  • Asking if they liked it 
  • If they didn’t, making damn sure to slice it differently next time

Enter the age of the customer.

No one can be a mere video production company anymore, and hope to be of good service in a digital world. So, we’re saying, «goodbye past, nice learning from you, but it’s time to look to the future». We’re taking that leap off the diving board, (insert big splæsh in your mind here), in order to be the advisor that is needed, in a time where video content and online is melting together at top speed.

We’re evolving. That’s why.