How do you make an impact?
By telling the right stories, with the right feeling and quality, in the right place. It's all about the why, what, how and where of your videos. The trick? Don't make videos about your brand. Tell stories for your audience.
How Splæsh executes a project
Content Strategy

We start by defining the overall goals and impact. This is the Why Stage. Why are we making videos? Why will our audience care? 

It’s all about analysis:

  • Target audience/channel
  • Customer journey
  • Desired outcome
Video Storytelling

After the strategy is cemented we dive into the hard but exciting part. The storytelling. This is the What Stage. What kind of story are we telling? What is going to engage our audience?

It’s all about creativity:

  • Ideas
  • Writing/rewriting
  • Scripts/storyboards
Video Production

We’ve got our story, now we need production, to make paper come to life. We’ve entered the How Stage. How are we going to realize the script? How will the video best communicate with our audience? It’s all about creating:

  •  Planning
  •  Shooting
  •  Editing
Video Distribution

Our videos are finished and it’s time to reach an audience. The final Where Stage. Where do we want to build our audience? Where will our audience look for these kinds of videos?

It’s all about traffic:

  • Social Media adaptation
  • Path to owned media
  • Data/SEO
Impact Evaluation

Learning is a key success factor of generating engagement with video. We track the actual engagement generated and use this to iterate and improve the strategy, storytelling, video production as well as the video distribution.

Video Workshops

Looking to kick-start your in-house video production? At our workshops you’ll learn the basics or complexities, depending on what level you're aiming for. Send us an email and let us know what you'd like to dive into. Take your pick, and we'll tailor-make your workshop.

  • Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Filming
  • Editing