The beauty of a macro lens

Siwa Vetvik-Ellefsen

A macro lens gives you the opportunity to create beautiful close-ups and super blurry backgrounds. Get close and get detailed. It's like filming with a magnifying glass!

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When you first try out a macro lens, the tendency is to go slightly, crazy overboard. Yes, we’ve been there. You just want to shoot everything with the lens, because everything you shoot with it looks absolutely beautiful. But stop and ask yourself; why have I chosen this particular lens for this particular motif? Does the look add to the storytelling? Or have I just made an entire film out of super close-ups because it was fun? 

Actually, you can use the macro to shoot an entire video, just remember to take a step back, (or several) from whatever it is that you’re filming. Do wider shots as well. Everything doesn’t have to be about the teeny-tiny details. The lens’ strength is also in super blurred out backgrounds. 

Because the lens gives you a tiny focus area to work with, it means that you can (and must) specifically choose which part of your motif that you want to be in focus, and leave the rest of the shot in this super soft, delicious blur. It makes your video look a hundred times more expensive and cinematic. Check out Peter McKinnon’s energetic video on why everyone should own a macro lens. Midway he gives a great example of a video shot entirely with a macro. 

If you want to try out the macro-magic in the quick, cheap and easy way. Why not buy a macro lens for your phone? They’re in no way optimal, because these add-ons don't give you the option to focus manually at a distance, for those wider shots we talked about above. But you can still get super close to your subject, and show tiny details with your brand new mobile magnifying glass.