Locations help tell the story

Siwa Vetvik-Ellefsen

The right locations are key! They can give you the perfect setting for your story, and greatly reduce the costs of your production.

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We highly recommend a location scout during the pre-production or planning stage of your video. This means exactly what it sounds like. That you go on a scouting for suitable locations. 

What better, than finding somewhere to shoot that already has the style you're aiming for? No need to build anything from scratch in a studio, no need to put in the manpower, money and effort into creating something out of thin air. It's already there. Probably. You just have to find it. Nothing beats the realism of an actual place. 

Alternatively, if it's not about the money or eliminating a studio shoot. Then maybe it can be about finding somewhere to shoot that isn't the immediate option. Like the office next door. Or the backlot of your building. For many of us, we tend to go for these locations close to home. Because it’s easy and quick. But, if you go on a location scout, maybe you find that perfect somewhere to shoot. Suddenly, your videos have a whole new production quality to them, just by sheer force of setting. So, go out and explore, don’t settle, may the location force be with you.

Check out Apature's great tips for finding locations! Best advice in the video? Use AirBnB to find locations for domestic scenes!