Composition II - Aesthetics and balance

Siwa Vetvik-Ellefsen

Good composition is also about aesthetics. In order to achieve this, you have to compose shots that give the viewer’s eye something that’s naturally comfortable to rest upon.

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In step 2, we take our clear and conscious composition and make it beautiful. 

We carry on with holiday footage, because the previous point still stands: composition doesn’t require expensive resources, only the filmmaker’s awareness. Okay, so maybe exotic locations help, but you get the point.

Back to aesthetics. Some may say; that it’s highly subjective. I may say; we’re a pack of sheep. The proof is in the the Rule of Thirds, and that's why I talk a lot about in the video. There is of course, so much more to the Rule of Thirds than what I managed to cram in here! So, I highly recommend checking out D4Darious’ long but very entertaining video on composition

Now, most tutorials talk about video composition in a wide format. But today many of us upload videos on social media in a square format. I touch upon squared composition in the vlog, but it's still very helpful to read Emil Pakarklis' excellent article on square photos. The same rules apply even though you're shooting a video.