Composition I - leading the eye of the viewer

Siwa Vetvik-Ellefsen

Good composition can transform any video from amateur-looking to pro in an instant. Even holiday footage! All it takes is the filmmaker's awareness.

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If you’ve ever wondered why your shots don’t look as good as the ones on TV, the answer is usually due to composition in one way or another.

Composition at its heart, is about remembering and respecting that videos are visual communication. If you’re making them, then it's your job as the communicator, to help direct the eye of the viewer. It's basically saying, "Hey! Look here. Not there. Oi! This is important. This is unimportant." It's about telling a story with the shot, and making it very clear to the audience, what that story is. Not passively accepting whatever appears in the viewfinder.

There's no way to cover composition in a one minute video. So, we've divided the subject into three parts. In this video we cover; leading the eye of the viewer. It's about decluttering and highlighting. In order to achieve this, you or your subjects can move further away, or closer in, right, left, up, down. Just remember to move with intent and communication in mind. 

As a starting point, have a look at COOPH's inspiring video, where Steve McCurry's still photos are used to explain nine tips on compositional basics.